Kythira, also known by its former name Venetian Tsirigo (Cerigo), is an island located in Southern Greece, in the south of the Peloponnese and south of Elafonisos and Cape Malea. Plato says that according to mythology was the island of the goddess Aphrodite Ourania (which stands Pandemos from Venus) and Love. On Kithira reportedly has the nickname Kythereia Venus, which was worshiped in ancient times in three forms. As Urania, the goddess - protector of love and pure love, the main place of worship Kythira.

The island has a multitude of attractions to main numerous and scattered a short distance from one another, traditional villages and hilly landscape. There are many Byzantine and Venetian monuments and some English.

The island has a large number of old churches and monasteries from the 13th century onwards. Three monasteries, Panagia Myrtidiotissa, protector of the island, Agia Moni and St. Elessa are facing mountain peaks. In three places there are temples in caves.

The main beaches are Agia Pelagia, Paleopoli, Kaladi, the Ocheles the Firi Ammos, Melidoni, Kapsali, fourni, Halkos, Komponada, Platia Ammos, Diakofti.

The transportation to and from the island of Kythera carried out in various ways:
By boat

From Piraeus port
From Neapolis Laconia port
From Gythio port
From Kalamata port
From Kissamos Crete (with intermediate port Antikythera) Rethymnon, Crete port
By plane
From Athens